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A choreographed solo fireshow

vuurshow boeken adrienne zest_edited.jpg

A story of a flame within, trapped in the cage of my ribcage.

"Come out, reveal yourself to me. You're free!"

A drop of playfulness, a pinch of passion.



Mutual ignition.

Inspyro is an elegant and dynamic little fireshow. it draws you in with a theatrical opening, and with each minute invites you closer to the molten core of a volcano. Feelings of joy, strength and freedom burst out in flames in a giant reveal of the heart.

Eva Slierendrecht

"Wonderful collaboration working together. Always open for ideas and reliable with appointments. And a really good performer above all."

playful, explosive and elegant

Duration: 13 minutes

Audience: max 200 spectators on ground level or 500 with a podium

Space requirements: 5 x 5 x 5 meters


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