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about me

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I am a dancer; a mountain climbing goat; an adaptable specimen. I like to call myself an earthling because my roots spread wide, and I suffer from an urgent case of zest for life.

In 2012 I graduated in film production at the University of Performing Arts in Slovakia, and two years later I started travelling the world. On my travels I got introduced to circus and flow art, which became my new object of hyperfocus.

In the past decade I’ve been performing and teaching all around Europe while at the same time deepening my knowledge on health. I am very interested in health from a holistic perspective, and as a certified nutritionist and movement teacher I am currently working as a holistic health coach in BBB Boutique Rotterdam.

I enjoy creating social and mental connections, and sharing my discoveries with others. What always gets my engine running with creative juice, is the prospect of facilitating a wholesome experience for others. 

I love taking people on a journey under the premise of joy, connection and (self) discovery - both through my art and teaching. 

My current mission is to share the beauty and transformative power of fire. To bring people together in remembrance of the tribal human animal that still dwells in our DNA.

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