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team building with fire

Fire is deeply interwoven into the fabric of human evolution; it has been our loyal companion for millenia. When we connect with fire, we get a chance to undergo 
a short liberation from our everyday roles and masks.


During this workshop you will experience your collagues in a pure state of joy, curiosity and excitement. 

The 2,5 hour long workshop is filled with laughter, as well as self reflection. You will overcome fears and expand on who you thought you were - both as individuals, and as a team.

"Exciting, bonding, and so much fun! Deepen trust amongst colleagues and get to know each other in a state of heightened emotion."


Ignited uses the principles of positive psychology and teamwork to boost employee bonding and self discovery. Excitement is a great catalyst for deeper interpersonal connections to occur. 

The workshop will help your team evolve into a cohesive unit. Everyone will be encouraged to express their boundaries, and at the same time invited to expand them.

Jessica van Horssen

“Adrienne brings a lot of good energy and knowledge to her workshop. As a participant I continued to feel inspired after each session. She knows how to balance the dynamics of a group and her ZEST is contagious. I would definitely recommend her as a facilitator to businesses who are looking to bring back the spark in their company."

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Isn't it dangerous? 

Naturally, fire is dangerous. That's why we always start with a fire safety workshop and thoroughly
discuss safety protocols. These measures are fiercely
enforced, with safety being an essential part of team
cooperation. Because of the heightened awareness of
potential danger, it is very unlikely for accidents to

Does everyone in the team have to participate? 

Participants are encouraged to listen to their own judgment. Not everyone has to participate in every activity. Those who choose to skip something become super valuable as fire safety, video makers and cheerleaders so everyone stays involved.

What to wear?

The outermost and innermost layer of your outfit must be made out of natural fabrics, such as: cotton, linen, leather, bamboo and viscose. It's okay to have a blend of organic & synthetic materials, where the organic part is at least 70%. For example 70% cotton and 30% elastane is okay. This is for fire safety reasons.

Who is liable in case of damage?

By signing a declaration of agreement, every participant is responsible for his or her own actions or possible damage. With the participant’s signature he or she forgoes any claim against: the main organizer (the company), the host, the trainer, tenant and owner of property, agencies or any other person associated with the organization of the event. This excludes damages to life and health resulting from negligent or deliberate actions by these persons. 

Where does this workshop take place?

The team building is possible to hold both indoors and outdoors, but due to the infamous dutch weather, I prefer to secure an indoor space. Please contact me to discuss the best solution for your event.

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