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Liquid lines

This dance style combines liquid movement and sharp geometric lines known as ‘tutting’. In this class I will teach you how to liquidize your arm and body movement, and how to achieve sharp and precise patterns by working within the 3D geometric grid around the body. 

Here is an example of this style of dance from my presentation video for Wave Retreat:


Partner stretching
and massage

I love to teach this partner flexibility workshop (I don’t mean romantic partner, just two people together:)), so that people can help each other with deepening of the stretches, and with soothing each other’s sore muscles.
This workshop is well received on festival and conventions, when people have already moved a lot and need to release their muscles.

Hula Hoop 

I teach beginners hula hoop workshops, where we get down the basics of spinning the hoop around the waist and some fun, easy and effective off-body hoop tricks.

I teach double hoop / twin hoop workshops, a big variety of twin hoop tricks and transitions. This is an intermediate workshop, participants need to be able to do a simple hoop isolation, to spin a hula hoop in each of their hands at the same time and to hoop around their waist.

I teach multi hoop workshops, where I like to break down things like kick-starting the hoop from the floor using the feet only, how to get two hoops spinning on one arm in a split-time motion, and how to transition into more complex mandala - like patterns. This is a workshop for advanced hoopers.


Fire fan

Fire fans are a big love of mine and I enjoy teaching everything from basic to advanced trick. I own and practice with both russian grip (big circle) and tech grip (doodle grip) so I can easily accommodate personal preferences of my students. My workshops always come with a little dance combo as well.

intermediate and advanced yoga

Despite my conscious effort to create easy flows, teaching beginners doesn’t seem to be my area of expertise. On the other hand, intermediate and advanced students enjoy my creative and firey flows, which engage, strengthen and stretch the entire body.



I teach easy to follow beginner dancehall classes that get the heartbeat pumping, hips moving and feminine energy flowing! Guaranteed to leave you drenched in sweat and with a big smile on your face.

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