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I G N I T E D 



Exciting, transformative and bonding -such is the spirit of fire. Our connection to fire runs deep in our DNA, and when we connect with fire in this modern life we experience a short liberation from our everyday roles and masks.
When we play with fire, we connect heart to heart. We get a chance to know each other in a pure state of joy, curiosity and excitement. We learn to deepen our trust in each other, as your colleagues become your fire safety (and biggest cheerleaders).
Ignited is a workshop is full with laughter and self reflection. You will overcome your fears and expand on who you thought you are - both as individuals, and as a team.
Plus, you might get some really cool pictures as evidence of your ultimate badassery! 
Ignited team building is perfect for small and large companies and teams that value open communication, personal development, fun and adventure.
The workshop is suitable for small teams and for large teams of up to 28 participants. Check out FAQ down below for more info. 

Contact me: +31620854513



F: Isn't it too dangerous?
A: Naturally, fire is dangerous. That's why we always start with a fire safety workshop and thoroughly discuss safety protocols. These measures are fiercely enforced, with safety being an essential part of team cooperation. Because of the heightened awareness of potential danger, it is unlikely for accidents to happen. In my 10 years of experience in this field I never witnessed damage to health or property caused by a novice burner.

Q: Does everyone in the team have to participate?
A: Participants are encouraged to follow their own judgment. During the workshop we carry out various activities, each with a different level of fear factor. I believe everyone can find an activity they feel comfortable with, but not everyone has to participate in every activity. Those who choose to skip something become super valuable as fire safety, video makers and cheerleaders so everyone stays involved.

Q: What to wear?
A: The outermost and innermost layer of your outfit must be made out of natural fabrics, such as: cotton, linen, leather, bamboo and viscose. It's okay to have a blend of organic & synthetic materials, where the organic part is at least 70%. For example 70% cotton and 30% elastane is okay. This is for fire safety reasons.

Q: Who is liable in case of damage?
A: By signing a declaration of agreement, every participant is responsible for his or her own actions. With the participant’s signature he or she forgoes any claim against: the main organizer (the company), the host, the trainer, tenant and owner of property, agencies or any other person associated with the organization of the event. This excludes damages to life and health resulting from negligent or deliberate actions by these persons.

Q: Where does this workshop take place?
A: The team building is possible to hold both indoors and outdoors. Due to the infamous dutch weather, I prefer to secure an indoor space. Please contact me for solutions in your area.  


About Me

Hi, I'm Adrienne. I am a dancer; a mountain goat; an adaptable specimen. I like to call myself an earthling because my roots spread wide, and I suffer from an urgent case of zest for life.

When I finished ballet conservatoire in my hometown in Slovakia, the world of film drawed me in and I graduated in film production at the University of Performing Arts in Bratislava.

For the last 10 years I’ve been self employed - as a film production manager, event coordinator, yoga teacher and  fire / circus artist. I enjoy learning and creating social and mental connections, and sharing my discoveries with others. What always gets my engine running with creative juice, is the prospect of facilitating a wholesome experience for others. I love taking people on a journey under the premise of joy, connection and (self) discovery - both through my art and teaching.

In the past decade I’ve been performing and facilitating workshops nationally and internationally at a wide variety of events, festivals and movement retreats.
My current mission is to share the beauty and transformative power of fire. To bring people together in remembrance of the tribal human animal that still dwells in their DNA.

"Learning never exhausts the mind."

- Leonardo da Vinci

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